Plea Of Lady Liberty

img_1912Dear America don’t you see, a fat man kneeling on top of me? Posing beneath a church of Christ, tweeting hate, hoping to incite – more fear more pain more anguish to spread, a disease to inflict upon innocent heads. Pressing forward, pressing down with police in force, doing everything he can to derail our course. Off the tracks! Outta control! Do not resist! He’s digging a hole… to place our remains and say goodbye to those who cry – in support of justice, that black lives matter, ashes to ashes he’s looking to scatter, our remains – as he detains our youth and deranges our morals, consolidating power with every quarrel. Legitimize force! Burn truth at the stake! We must fake news in defense of hate! Nothing more to legislate. Nothing left to litigate. At last, ALL THE HEARTS ARE FILLED WITH HATE! Tweet, tweet, tweet: America is Great Again!

… Or perhaps we’ll press forth, locking arms, standing up – together screaming enough is enough. Liberals. Conservatives. Whites. Blacks & Browns – voices united in one unifying sound. The roar of the collective ready to fight, in the name of love with all our might. The wrong side of Trump, is the right side of history – race relations need not remain an unresolved mystery. From Selma to Minneapolis, Till to Floyd – our blood soaked history we cannot avoid. The path is through, there’s no way around – love thy neighbor and follow the sound… of your heart, beating within – demanding we forsake our forefather’s sins. Be strong my children, stand now for justice, rise against hate – ACT OUT OF LOVE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! Tweet, tweet, tweet: Justice for George Floyd!

m.w. 2020


(Anyone know who the artist is? Couldn’t find them from their signature.)

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